Kindle Fire HD Work for Kids?

Wi-Fi/Download Speed :
The slowest thing to load was the app store. The internet was pretty fast most of the time – granted it still had its slow moments – and the download was windy. I did not experience any freezing. They throw a lot of language to you as “dual-bandwidth antenna increases the transmission and reception 40% faster with 2.4 Ghz which can switch to 5 Ghz frequencies which increases capacity capabilities by bla bla bla” and so on successively. Okay, put it more cohesively than that, the point is it sounds awesome, but is it? I’m going to translate and say yes, it’s pretty quick, and for the most part I was impressed. Again there are things (ie the store) that are somewhat sub-par in terms of speed.

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Battery Life/Memory :
For me, HD = batteries drained faster than anything, I still think that’s true for the most part, but I was impressed once again by how long Continue reading…


What’s the Kindle HD Tablet?

Does the Kindle Fire HD Work as a Kids Tablet?
The 7 ” Kindle Fire HD is a tablet that offers an alternative to a more expensive iPad. It is ideal for family use because children can enjoy it as much as adults, so you do not spend extra money on separate tablets. It has an incredibly rich HD experience, as well as applications, games, Wi-Fi, video chat, movies and of course books. At some point is a free app / update called FreeTime, which personalizes The tablet for children and allows parents to have more control over the content.

toys for two year olds

So you have decided that you want to get a tablet for your children. You’ve looked at your options, and you’re not sure-do you want something really child-oriented, like Tabeo or LeapPad 2? or something that could be more Continue reading…


LeapFrog LeapPad 2

What Is the LeapPad 2?
The LeapPad 2 is an innovative, interactive tablet made just for kids, and can be personalized for ages 3-9. It maintains all the things we loved about the original LeapPad Explorer, but adds some pretty sophisticated technology to the mix. It’s a beautiful thing-kids get to learn from great educational content while having an absolute blast.

LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Review: Does It Live up to the Hype?
The Leapfrog LeapPad 2 has been pretty big news since it was released in spring. There’s been lots of hype about it, but it does it live up to it all? Here we take an up close look at one of the most anticipated toys of the year and break it down for you.

toys for two year olds

Design :
The first thing I looked at was the design. It is certainly an attractive toy, with its 5 “screen and elegant appearance.All buttons, except the main navigation button at the bottom, are sunk in so there is less of an opportunity Continue reading…