Laptop for Two Year Olds

The best laptop for 2 year olds is not easy to find, with so much choice around. At the end of the child's market, toy computers range from fully functional laptops and multiple programs to simple "style" toys with basic buttons and flashing lights. Here is list of toy laptops for 2 year olds.

Toys For Two Year Olds

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop

Tagged as a toy learning laptop for children from 2 years up to 4 years, this is a good gift for now that will last several years. You have a choice of programs that 2 year olds can easily switch between. Some of the programs, such as music games and lyrics, are simple enough for young children to understand. At this level, the Leaptop helps preschoolers learn about cause & effect, as can press the "paw pad" to make the music play. Other programs, such as the alphabet game, are more complicated when the child has to press the letter corresponding to the animal's name on the screen. This is great because it makes this a learning laptop for 2 year olds that can really grow with them. I know several 4 year olds who still play with their LeapTop. In fact, my daughter Sophia saw me writing this post & immediately asked to play on her own Leaptop!

He loves to play the alphabet game & dance next to the music game by copying the movements of the little dog. My Own LeapTop has a larger screen than most 2-year-old toy laptops, making it easy to see the animations. It has 26 fun animal animations, an e-mail program, a carry handle and is quite indestructible - an important feature in any 2-year-old laptop! It can even be customized to help the child learn to spell his or her own name. If you are on the broader online learning path of LeapFrog then you can use this toy laptop as part of a room other toys. This allows you to create personalized learning, extending the learning of your 2 year old. With so much packaging on a single toy, This is definitely the best common laptop for 2 year olds.

Toys For Two Year Olds

Sofia The First Royal Learning Laptop

Sofia The first toys are very popular among 2-year-old girls. The Sophie The first real-learning laptop is one of the best laptops for 2-year-olds right now. This toy laptop is perfect for kids who want to be a princess. It has a lot of features of the princess, such as light mouse in the form of a jewel, pretty drawings and animations. It has a more princess-like shape than other 2-year-old laptops, but it is a sturdy and sturdy design with a carrying handle. This is an educational learning laptop like the other toy computers featured in this article. Helps 2-year-olds learn letters, phonetics, complete words, numbers and shapes. It also packs in some extra areas of learning that other toy laptops do not cover like logic, memory and manners.

In total there are 12 learning games divided into 4 modes: language, math, logic and music. The music mode includes 10 cute tunes and there are also plenty of sound effects and the voice of Sophia the First. I have not marked this as the best laptop for 2 year olds because it is strongly targeted at girls.

The fact that it is merchandise from a television program also prevents it from being eternal in the same way as the VTech Little SmartTop & My Own LeapTop. If you want to pass it on to your next child or other friends and family, this may mean appealing to fewer children in general. However Sofia the former is very popular in moments. Even after it stops being popular, I'm sure that the 2 year old girls will still love this toy laptop.

Toys For Two Year Olds

VTech Little SmartTop

The VTech Little SmartTop is another great player in laptops for the 2-year-old category. In many respects it is very similar to that of My Own LeapTop, and has many of the same benefits. This kid's notebook is centered around a cute bear character - Cody the Smart Puppy - who guides the kids through a selection of 11 fun activities. There are a good range of programs that teach 2-year-olds the alphabet, numbers, shapes and sounds of music. Like LeapFrog's My Own Leaptop, the VTech notebook for kids has an A-Z keyboard that helps kids learn their letters. You can press a letter to hear it read aloud by Cody the Smart Puppy, and also see objects that begin with those letters. As an added bonus, you can connect the VTech Little SmartTop to the Learning Lodge website. This allows you to upgrade your toy laptop by downloading various things such as stories and electronic cards.

Toys For Two Year Olds

Inspiration Works JCB My First Laptop

Many people say that inspiration works JCB My First Laptop is the best laptop for children 2 years, although a lot of girls like it too. The toy learning laptop teaches children 2 years old and slightly older about shapes, colors and numbers. Although it does not have a suitable screen, the 6 backlit sections represent different objects and each one has a color, shape or quantity. There are 4 game modes that are selected with a slider which is a suitable size for 2 year old fingers. These are discovery, contest 1, contest 2 and music. The music mode has 2 music keys and sound effects. This is a good first laptop for 2 years, but nothing special. In my opinion, it's definitely not the best laptop for 2-year-old kids, but it can still be a good buy for kids who love JCB and Excavators. Yes, the JCB brand is a trick - however, if that is what inspires a child to learn, then that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Toys For Two Year Olds

Peppa Pig My First Laptop

Being a Peppa Pig Toy, Peppa Pig My First Laptop is a very popular learning laptop for 2 year olds and will be of interest to boys and girls alike. This is a much more basic toy laptop than my own LeapTop and VTech Little SmartTop featured above. So, it will not be attractive for both 3 and 4 years, but there is plenty full on the laptop to entertain 2 years. Two-year-olds can press buttons to learn color recognition, quantities, letters, quantities, facial expressions and emotions, as well as shapes and objects. The "screen" is much more basic - consisting of an image of Peppa and George at home. However it does work, enhanced by the noises and sounds of fun. The Peppa Pig Toy Laptop has 4 programs, each from the 2 year old introduction to a different part of Peppa Pig & George's world. includes discovery games, quizzes and music that encourage the child to press the buttons to answer easy questions. Like other 2-year-old laptops, the Peppa Pig computer has a sturdy handle that makes it fun to carry.

Toys For Two Year Olds

Vtech Baby’s Light-Up Laptop

The Vtech Baby’s Light-Up Laptop is well suited to the younger end of the 2 year old market. While this toy laptop doesn’t have a proper screen, the screen does light up when you press the different buttons. It helps 2 year olds about numbers, letters and shapes. There are 6 shape buttons and 3 piano keys, so it doubles as a musical toy. It even teaches Spanish words as well as English, which is something you won’t find in other laptops for 2 year olds! The mouse moves in 8 directions which is better than the static mouse on other toy laptops.

Toys For Two Year Olds

Inspiration Works Fireman Sam My First Laptop

Firefighter Sam My first laptop is perfect for any 2 year old boy who likes Firefighter Sam. Suitable for children ages 18 months to 3 years old, it has a lot to keep a child entertained. This toy laptop is - obviously - very themed around Fireman Sam. Like other 2-year-old laptops, it has multiple game modes that teach things like numbers, and has music, lights, and sound effects. However, it is a little more interesting because the activities follow firefighter Sam in his missions, linking him to the television show. The Sam Fireman toy laptop is a nice thick and fairly sturdy form, and it's easy for kids to open, close and carry with them.

Toys For Two Year Olds

WinFun Busy Froggy Laptop

The WinFun Busy Froggy Laptop is a good choice of toy laptop if you are looking for a basic, simple and inexpensive option. You can not compete with the most advanced toy notebooks on this list, but do not try to do it, it has a completely different purpose. This toy is also smaller than the other 2-year-old notebooks, so if you are planning a trip then it will be good as a travel toy. The Frog Notebook has flashing lights, 3 game modes, including learning and music mode, and helps infants and toddlers - up to about 2 years - learn the alphabet, basic shapes & numbers. It has several fun songs & sound effects. Frog's head doubles as the cap, young children will enjoy opening and closing in a peek-a-go game. It also has pretend cursor buttons, a sliding rings & sliding beetle on the side. Amazon says that this toy laptop is suitable from 12 months to 18 years. This is a bit of a joke But I would say it is suitable for up to 2 years.

Toys For Two Year Olds

Vtech Bear’s Baby Laptop

Vtech Bear Baby Laptop is a cute laptop computer for children of 2 years old because of its bear shape, which makes it look more cuddly. As expected, it is much more basic than the My Own LeapTop and VTech Little SmartTop and is aimed at children of 1, 2 and 3 years. Like the Little SmartTop, this toy laptop features Cody's Smart Cub characters - but at a much more basic level. Overall, this notebook is not bad: the mouse moves in 4 directions and mimics a real mouse more effectively than most toy notebooks. The paw moves like a roller ball which is another nice touch that makes it more like a real computer. There are 2 lighting buttons you can press to identify objects, 5 shape buttons and 1-3 numbers.

It also plays children's friendly songs when press the buttons, you can play peek-a-boo with the bear by opening & closing the lid. However, it is so basic that I think this really will only appeal to very young children. It has less ability to grow with the child than other laptops on this list. Instead, I would like to go to a toy laptop that will attract small children and can be used in more advanced ways as it progresses - which is not an option with the Vtech Bear baby laptop.